NanoHospital is a robust, comprehensive and ready-to-use hospital management System that is aimed towards making hospital management seamless, efficient and paperless. This software solution features the clinical, back office, and generic management of all activities in a hospital ranging from small to very large hospitals. It features numerous specialized modules that handle different sections of the hospital.

Automate your hospital for smooth and easy
management and administration with minimal manpower!

Modules of NanoHospital

Nanoedge Technologies

Registration & Enquiry

Nanoedge Technologies

Electronic Records

Nanoedge Technologies

Appointment Management

Nanoedge Technologies

OPD/IPD Administration

Nanoedge Technologies


Nanoedge Technologies Billing

Nanoedge Technologies


Nanoedge Technologies

Radiology Records

Nanoedge Technologies

Finance & Accounts

Nanoedge Technologies

Inventory & Purchase

Nanoedge Technologies


Nanoedge Technologies Human Resources

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Software Versions


This version is very appropriate for a small clinic, with a few staff and patients. It has a single user license. This means that the license is limited to a single PC.


This version is very appropriate for a medium sized hospital with relatively large number of staff and patients. It has a maximum of 25 user licenses. It can be installed in a stand-alone PCs or PCs in a local network.


This is the full featured version of the software. Enterprise version includes all the modules and the most comprehensive set of advanced features and management tools to achieve the highest levels of NanoHospital capabilities. It has unlimited number of users.

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